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Faces Components


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Designer(s) A. B. J. Lawson
Publisher(s) Buffalo Games
Players 3-8, Best With 6
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
This hilarious game of first impressions features nearly 200 comical men, women, and animal face cards. To play, make a line-up of the weird Faces cards, and then draw an Impressions card. The card might read, The one who loves being a dentist, The talk of the town, or The neat freak. Which card will you select to match the impression - the lady with the beehive, the ostrich, or the serious mustachioed man? Try to match your first impressions with those of your fellow players. If you select the winning face, then you'll move forward on the board. The first player to the finish, wins!