Fast Forward FLEE
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Fast Forward: FLEE

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Designer(s) Friedemann Friese
Publisher(s) Stronghold Games
Players 1-4, Best With 1
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 12+
"Quickly, we must flee!", you tell your companions. "The monster is almost upon us! look to all sides for help, as you never know where it will be!" can your team survive long enough to finish all chapters of this exciting story? flee is a cooperative game of escaping for ambitious puzzle solvers. You start a fast forward game without reading a rules booklet in advance! just grab some fellow gamers and discover the rules while playing. The fast forward series uses the new Fable game system introduced in fabled fruit: with the presorted deck of cards you will discover all cards and rules as you play. It will take several games of flee before your Group has explored the entire system. It can then be reset and played again by the same or different groups! flee is the third game in our fast forward series.