For the Crown (Second edition)
For the Crown (Second edition) Card

For the Crown (Second edition)

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Civil war has broken out. The kingdom is divided, the army in tatters, the treasury depleted. You must secure resources, rally your forces, and capture your rival. To win the day, you'll need a sharp wit, a stout heart, and a few tricks up your sleeve. Do you have what it takes to secure the throne?

For the Crown combines the race of deck-building and the deep maneuvering of Chess. Sacrifice your cards to gain new units--but save enough to keep your economy growing. Get into position to use your new card to full effect--but make sure you have a backup plan if you don't draw it right away. Take a moment to capture a vulnerable enemy unit--but no more than a moment, lest a new and stronger unit arrive to take its place.

Can you wisely divide your attention between tactics and logistics? Outpace your opponent while eluding capture? Seize glory on the battlefield, and win the crown!