Founding Fathers
Founding Fathers Box

Founding Fathers

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Designer(s) Error, Jason Matthews, Christian Leonhard
Publisher(s) Error, Jolly Roger Games
Players 3-5, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 13+
More than 200 years ago, fifty-five men assembled in Philadelphia to ensure the blessings of Liberty for themselves and for posterity. Founding fathers is a game that invites you to bring this critical juncture in American history back to life. Using a card-driven game system, players assume the role of one of the delegates with a plan to create a new government. Your task is to exert the most influence on the outcome of the new Constitution. You must act upon the state delegations, your faction, the committee process, and the deliberations in the assembly room, all with the goal of creating a more perfect Union between the States.  historically, James is remembered as the father of the Constitution.  now, it's your turn to relive history.