Four Roads to Moscow

Four Roads to Moscow

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Designer(s) Michael Rinella, Ted Raicer, John Prados, Roger Nord
Publisher(s) Against the Odds
Players 2
Play Time Long - 2-3 Hours
Suggested Age 0+

When Barbarossa begins, the world will hold its breath! - A. Hitler

So, why did Barbarossa fail? The ATO Annual edition for 2010 includes four game modules in one package. Four veteran designers combine in a unique offering from Against the Odds... and each have drawn some startling conclusions about what really happened, modeling with four very different approaches. "Four Roads" offers four complete simulations that will provide hours of challenging play and comparison.

Prados' contribution is subtitled "Codeword: Barbarossa" and covers June 1940 - June 1941, with an emphasis on the political lead-up to the campaign. Each of the other three modules cover June 1941-March 1942. Raicer gives us "Hitler Turns East" - Rinella "Slaughterhouse" - and Nord "Strike the Bear."

Played on four full color 17"x22" mapsheets, each module lasts up to 3 to 4 hours, so 12-16 hours to play them all.