Ghost Stories Jean-Claude Van Rice

Ghost Stories: Jean-Claude Van Rice

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Designer(s) Error, Antoine Bauza
Players 1-4, Best With 4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+

Jean-Claude is aware. When he enters play, he is sideways, filling 2 spaces (his color is considered green). If there aren’t 2 free adjacent spaces due to Buddha or Ghosts, Jean-Claude makes space next to a free space by discarding what is there (no curse/reward for ghost; can't eliminate an incarnation).

To defeat him, players must break both his legs: his left leg has a 3 Blue resistance and his right 4 Green (his right leg is stronger).
An exorcism must be successful on each of his two legs (the order has no importance). When one of his legs is broken, he moves fully on to the space for the remaining leg, leaving an open space.

When both of his legs are broken, he is discarded and gives an apple to the active player (this reward is an artifact). An apple is good for the body and it’s full of pectin, but it can spoil! During his Yang Phase, the player can discard the apple to return any Taoist (including himself) to 3 QI. But if another Wu-Feng comes into play before the apple is used, the apple has spoiled and it must be discarded with no effect.
The apple cannot be used on a dead Taoist.