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Designer(s) Jordan Weisman, Brian Poel, Michael Mulvihill, Seth Johnson
Publisher(s) Harebrained Schemes
Players 2-8, Best With 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 14+
The world of Eretsu is at war. Two empires, the Durani and the Gudanna, face each other across a barren battlefield. Golems-arcane titans crafted from bone, branch, stone, and blood-stand at the forefront of the rival armies.The latest game from Jordan Weisman, founder of FASA and WizKids, Go­lem Arcana leverages the power of a player's smartphone or tablet to de­liver an unprecedented and engaging boardgame experience. It offers the richness and tactical depth of other miniatures boardgames without any of the hassles; the free Golem Arcana App handles all the rules and record keeping, freeing up the players to concentrate on devising their strategies and having fun. The GA App also acts as a sort of referee, allowing players to discover role playing elements such as fetch quests and secret lore that are hidden within game scenarios. Golem Arcana is point-based army building game. Each player fields an army consisting of Golems, Knights (sorcerors who "pilot" the Golems) and An­cient Ones (powerful gods that might intervene on the army's behalf), and Relics (powerful magical artifacts that can be carried and deployed by Go­lems). Each unit has special powers and capabilities. The key to victory is figuring out how to best combine these abilities to unleash havoc on the enemy. The magic of the Bluetooth-powered Tabletop Digital Interface (TDI) Stylus keeps the Golem Arcana App connected to the action on the gameboard. Players move their Golems and launch attacks by tapping the appropriate game pieces with the Stylus. To Move -Tap the base of the Golem you want to move.-Tap the square on the board you'd like to move to.-The App calculates movement costs, reminds you of the appropriate rules when necessary, and handles any necessary record keeping. To Launch an Attack -Tap the base of the Golem making the attack. -Tap the base of the target. -The App calculates line of sight, the chance to hit (automatically apply­ing all the relevant modifiers), and expected damage.