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Designer(s) Error, Kim Satô
Publisher(s) Error, Moonster Games
Players 2-4, Best With 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

Build up goblin armies then fight fight fight! Well build up the armies anyway ? sometimes fighting will be optional depending on what everyone else is doing. Gosu includes 100 goblin cards with goblins coming in five clans/colors and three levels with fifty cards at level 1 (two each of 25 cards) 35 cards at level 2 (all unique) and 15 cards at level 3 (again all unique). Players start the game with seven random cards and two activation tokens. On a turn a player can start building an army with level 1 cards first or use activation tokens to draw cards or use the powers on goblins in play. Once a player passes he's finished for the round and the round ends once everyone passes. The player who has the most powerful army at that point wins the round; winning three rounds wins you the game. Players can duck out of rounds at any time and they'll frequently want to do so as they draw cards only by spending activation tokens (and you have only two each round) or by using goblin powers (which also requires tokens). In addition if you want to play level 1 cards for a clan not already in your army you must first discard two cards to do so making it expensive to recruit new forces ? but you can't play level 2 and 3 goblins without a level 1 goblin of the same clan in play. As in life goblin management is the key to long-term success. Those looking for feedback on how the game plays should check out Bruno Faidutti's rave review on his website. An excerpt: The goblin wars setting is original and humorously rendered. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The game is both easy to grasp and highly challenging.