Helios Riese und Ballonfahrerin Erweiterung

Helios: Riese und Ballonfahrerin Erweiterung

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This mini expansion adds two new character tiles to Helios.

The giant (three mana) destroys, when activated, one temple of each opponent. At the end of the game, it gives 6 points for each pair of identical landscape tiles.

The balloon driver (3 mana) places, when activated, one piece of thunderstorm on each opponents table on a free spot. The thunderstorm may not be built on a landscape, the sun may not be placed on it, and no temple may be built on it. It doesn't count as a landscape when placing new landscapes (that is, new landscapes may not be put next to only the thunderstorm and nothing else). However, if the sun shines on it, it vanishes. At the end of the game, the balloon driver gives 1 point for each free spot next to the player's landscapes.