Krosmaster Arena – Amalia Promo

Krosmaster: Arena – Amalia Promo

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Amalia is a promotional character for Krosmaster: Arena.

The Sadida are lazy tree huggers. They protect the natural world around them, and though they usually prefer to lay around and watch the trees, they can become savage when threatened. Amalia is the princess of the Sadida people and loves to travel, earning her the title of Adventure-Princess. Despite her frequent bouts of sauciness, she is devoted to her friends, and can become extremely angry if they are harmed. Her Sadida origins allows her to control plants for offensive and defensive measures.

In Krosmaster: Arena, Amalia is a close range, area of effect, caster. She is capable of unleashing multiple blast per turn, while her charms can be used on an ally to bring them closer to her. If paired with her teammates from the anime Wakfu, she gains the ability to heal one of them once every turn when it comes to her turn for free.