Krosmaster Arena – Nox Promo

Krosmaster: Arena – Nox Promo

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Players 2-4
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 0+

Nox is a promotional character for the game Krosmaster: Arena.

Nox is the main antagonist from the French anime Wakfu. A former human and now an insane Xelor (time mage), he seeks to drain the world of enough Wakfu (life force) to power the Eliacube, a tiny cube of immense power. He hopes to use the Eliacube to reverse time to save his family from their unfortunate deaths.

As a character in Krosmaster: Arena, he takes on the role of a mid-range attacker/disruptor. His skills as an Xelor allows him to steal and disrupt his victim's time flow, reducing the actions they can take while fueling his own to create devastating and debilitating combos. His heavy armor will keep him alive in the thick of battle, and when his armor fails, he can warp away to safety.