La Cosa Nostra

La Cosa Nostra

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La Cosa Nostra is a 3-5 player mafia card game where players try to grab the most money, double-crossing the other mob bosses in the process. The game takes about an hour and a half to play. The main mechanics are negotiation, hand management and dice rolling.

Do you want to be the head of the biggest, baddest mob family in the Big Apple? Then you have to be willing to backstab anyone to do it. Enlist the most cut-throat criminals to do your dirty work for you. Assign tasks to the gangsters in your famiglia using the job cards in your hand, or send them into town to acquire allies and buy up businesses. Meanwhile, form alliances and negotiate with other capos to get ahead. But never trust your 'friends' because they'd screw you over in a heartbeat for the next opportunity to score some dough. Explore the variety of moneymaking options available to you: loose women, illegal substances, gambling and ofcourse, waste management. The player who has collected the most money after four rounds is the kingpin, the big kahuna, the Don Corleone, the winner of the game.

If the thought of backstabbing family and friends to become the richest guy at the table appeals to you, back us and become a proud owner of La Cosa Nostra. Now, are you ready to 'get connected'?