Legendary Secret Wars – Volume 2

Legendary: Secret Wars – Volume 2

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Designer(s) Error, Devin Low
Publisher(s) Error, Upper Deck Entertainment
Players 1-5, Best With 3
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 14+
Play through the Secret Wars storyline within Legendary! Third Big Box Expansion since the Dark City release in 2013! 16 new Heroes! 5 new Villain groups! 4 new Masterminds! 6 new Schemes! 

Players can work both with and against other players to defeat the various Battleworlds while laying waste to planet Earth! The game will feature playable characters from the Illuminati, Cabal and favorites from alternate universes including Beast, Capt Britain, Spider Gwen, Ruby Summers, Dr. Punisher The Soldier Supreme and many more! 

Build your team to battle against the various universes in Battleworld including X-Men 92, Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos, Deadpools Secret Secret Wars, and the Masters of Kung Fu. For the first time ever players can now play AS the Mastermind against the other players!