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Designer(s) Martin Wallace
Players 3-6, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 12+

Liberte covers the French Revolution from the meeting of the Estates-General in 1789 to the Directory and General Napoleon Bonaparte’s coup d’état in 1799. In Liberte, players shape the political landscape of revolutionary France. They compete in provincial elections to gain votes in the government and opposition which in turn award victory points. Successfully leading the army in battle and winning the election in key provinces will also score victory points. The game is played over four turns with each turn consisting of multiple action rounds. The most common action is to play a card to stack faction blocks in the provinces. Special cards may be played to weaken rivals. Players may also participate in the battle and recruit the best General, among other options. Players can retain some cards in their personal display. These cards can then be replayed (advanced) to resolve ties. If not used by the end of the turn, they return to the player’s hand, available for the next turn. After the action rounds, the election is resolved in each province. The three factions competing for the new government are the Moderates (blue), the Royalists (white), and the Radicals (red). The player with the largest stack in a province controls that vote. Ties are very common, however, so players may advance their held cards to gain the advantage. Typically, the player with the most victory points will win. Two sudden-death victory conditions can immediately end the game making victory points worthless. The Radicals can gain a landslide in the election or the Royalists can take back the country by controlling battleground provinces. Everyone must be watchful for the fervor that can quickly change France’s future!

Game Conditions:

New – Any game that is new in shrink. If a game is new but also has an issue, e.g. New but dented corner, or New but shrink wrap is peeling off, then the extra notes will be listed in the condition field.

Excellent – A game that looks all around great. For all practical purposes it appears that the game has either been played minimally or been kept in fantastic condition despite multiple plays.

Very Good – A game with no obvious issues. Game box and contents look to be in good condition with anywhere between no wear at all, or minimal to medium box issues. THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THERE WILL BE NO ISSUES. Any issues not noted aren’t obvious at a quick scan, are missing nonessential components, or are minor cosmetic issues such as a small scratch on the board. Very Good with no issues listed will usually have been a minor judgement call away from Excellent. 

Good – May have issues,  but should not affect gameplay, alternatively a game with significant box damage. Specific examples would be any box issues, cards with medium wear, missing non essential components (such as extra money tokens or the like) etc. Or missing components that are easily proxied. Most of the time the issues that caused the game to be rated as less than Very Good will be noted in the condition field. 

Acceptable – Issues that are more than just extra wear and non essential components, but still result in a playable game. Common examples would include missing essential components that can be proxied, severe smoke smell, etc. In all cases the reason the game is rated as acceptable will be noted in the condition field.

Poor – Issues that cause the game to be unplayable as is, e.g. missing essential components. Alternatively if the game is playable but extremely damaged, e.g. cards with severe water damage and all marked. In all cases the reason the game is rated as poor will be noted in the condition field.

Common Condition Notes:

The below are examples of frequent notes you can expect to see on our games and what they reference. In most cases the notes are self evident but these go into a little more detail just in case.

No Box – Most games without boxes should receive this note. The only exceptions are single cards or promo tokens which are assumed that a lack of a box is self evident. Most LCG (Living Card Game) expansions we attempt to mark whether it has a box or not, as there are some people who do keep those boxes. 

Wear and Tear – While games very often come in with nothing to distinguish it from a newly unshrinked game, just as often games have wear to various extents. Wear is mostly going to show up as whitening around the box corners and edges, if it’s more than that the condition note will usually specify. e.g. Minor corner whitening on all box corners, Age related wear across the whole box, Slight wear along all box edges, Heavy scratches and assorted other wear on parts of the box, etc.

Corner Dented – Very often game boxes receive a dent on one or more corners, due to being dropped or bumped against each other. If any corners are dented, then amount of corners and the extent will be noted. E.g. Corner Severely Dented, Two Corners Minorly Dented, etc.

Torn Corner – Often times game boxes have a corner or multiple corners completely torn. Similarly to the above, the number of the corners and the extent of the damage will be noted. E.g. One corner starting to tear, Two Corners Completely Torn, etc.

Taped Corner – Similar to the above, occasionally with torn corners people will tape the corners of the box. While this does give the box structural integrity, it will usually  be noted. E.g. One box corner taped.  

Sticker on Box – Occasionally game boxes will have stickers on them, whether a price tag, ownership label, sale sticker etc. When such a sticker exists and cannot be easily removed, it will be noted.. E.g. Price tag sticker on top left of box cover, Previous owner has a label on the bottom right of the box bottom, etc. (please note that all our games come with barcode labels that are incredibly easy to remove, we spent a lot of time getting the labels right).

Box Falling Apart – Sometimes games are used to the extent that the box is literally falling apart, that it looks like it may or may not survive the next shipment. This will be noted as such, with any details that are relevant. 

Caving Lid/Bottom/Side – Caving is when the box area, usually the top, is indented in a noticeable manner. It usually occurs from having heavy items on top of a game, and can be visually unattractive once it’s more than a slight bowing in. 


Unless otherwise noted, all games that we sell and trade should be complete and in good shape. Since we don’t inventory components though, it is sometimes – very rarely – possible that a game would arrive to you with pieces missing. If that happens, we consider ourselves fully accountable so just email us and we’ll make it right.

Shipping Policy

  • Free standard shipping on Orders $100 or over after all coupons and discounts applied. Free shipping applies to delivery within the Continental United States only, and excludes FPO’s and AFO’s. If the order weighs under 9lbs it will be shipped via Fedex Smartpost, otherwise via regular Fedex standard shipping.
  • Orders will usually be shipped within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • We currently don't ship internationally.

Return Policy

As most games are used, no product returns are officially guaranteed. If you’d like to return a product, please contact us and we’ll see whether we can make exceptions. In such cases returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Order Cancellations

If you contact us before your order has been processed for shipping, we will try cancel the order but cannot make any guarantees. Most of the time orders are sent for processing later in the evening, the same day that the order was placed.

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