Light Hunters Battalion of Darkness
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Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness

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*The Default edition may be any edition of this game. Designers, publishers and game box may vary.

Carefully choose your heroes and face your opponents in an epic battle. The heroes of the surviving battalion are then declared victorious and free to regain their world.

You are a mighty hero, whose name evokes glory and a prestigious destiny since birth. However, the Gods have punished and exiled you for your sins...but one chance remains. Create your battalion and crush the opposing camp or be annihilated forever...

You think you can fight like you're used to? You don't know the perverseness of the Gods. Your skills are blocked and you must summon Spirits of Light to use them. Those 5 spirits will gradually reveal your power.

The first Spirit only appears at dawn. A hint of your skills returns, providing a taste of your true power. 
The second Spirit displays its iridescent light, offering more power to protect you or reduce the life of enemy heroes. 
The third Spirit announces a new day for your destiny. Your choices now will decide your future. 
The fourth Spirit begins to bring back the glory of your past. Your time becomes precious as the Illumination will soon be upon both camps. 
With the fifth Spirit, your glory will be complete and you full power finally returned.

But you don't have enough energy. What happened to the fervor that once fueled you? It gradually returns as each assault brings you more stamina, but you still must preserve yourself and attack with strategy.