Lock 'N Load ANZAC Attack
Lock 'N Load ANZAC Attack Shrapnel Games

Lock 'N Load: ANZAC Attack

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Designer(s) Jeff Lewis, Mark H. Walker
Publisher(s) Shrapnel Games, Inc., Lock 'n Load Publishing, LLC.
Players 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+
ANZAC Attack is packed with so much new stuff for your Lock 'N Load experience that it's a wonder we can fit it all in one package. Just take a look at some of what you'll be getting:

* Over seventy additional counters to add to the mix. And once again we think you'll have a hard time finding better looking counters in a wargame. If we could we'd include tiny frames to hang the counters in, they look that good.

* New counters means new units! Besides featuring the expansion's namesake you also get new Marine, NVA, and VC units. Squads, mortar teams, AFVs…the only thing missing is the kitchen sink! Hmm, what would the stats on a kitchen sink be?

* Don't let the bad guys turn your battles into Stalingrad. Included are new rules/markers for using armor to blast away at infantry strongpoints with deadly precision. They'll never know what hit them!

* Twelve new scenarios highlighting a wide variety of actions, and all guaranteed to keep your tactical mind honed and the fun factor high. Most of the scenarios deal with the ANZAC, while the remainder cover USMC and ARVN actions.

* Two new maps for your gaming pleasure!