Lock 'n Load Forgotten Heroes – Vietnam
Lock 'n Load Forgotten Heroes – Vietnam First

Lock 'n Load: Forgotten Heroes – Vietnam

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Designer(s) Jeff Lewis, David Heath, Mark H. Walker
Publisher(s) Lock 'n Load Publishing, LLC., Shrapnel Games, Inc.
Players 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+

Squad level gaming has always occupied a soft spot in most grognard's hearts. Unlike the grand strategy genre, tactical gaming allows the players a chance to get down and dirty, and feel an emotional connection to the forces they command. While it may be hard to feel much for 3rd Division losing half a step when Captain Ringwald gets popped by a sniper it actually means something.

Tired of spending more time looking up rules than playing? Do you find it shocking that a game's turn scale may represent a couple of minutes of time and yet it takes you hours to play those couple of minutes? Are you ready for a tactical level system that combines realism and fun into one easy to comprehend package? Then you're ready for Mark H. Walker's Lock 'N Load!

The first game in the series, Forgotten Heroes: Vietnam, focuses on the conflict pre-1970, with scenarios taking place in the mid to late '60s. North Vietnamese regular army units, Viet Cong, ARVN, and United States Army and Marine units are all represented, along with weapon teams and vehicles.