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Lost Temple

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Designer(s) Bruno Faidutti
Publisher(s) Error, Stronghold Games
Players 2-8, Best With 5
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
1927 ... Several explorers are searching in the dense jungle of South-East Asia for a mysterious temple. To find it, they must cross the jungle and get help from the indigenous people. Players will seek help from the local villagers – nine friendly characters – whose abilities will be quite useful. Players can also try to outwit the others on the journey to reach the temple first. 

The first player to reach the temple wins the game! 

Bruno Faidutti has created his follow-up board game to the best-selling "Citadels". In Lost Temple, players use character selection similar to the classic game "Citadels". Here, Bruno has created these nine soon-to-be-classic roles to help you make your way to The Lost Temple: Shaman, Thief, Seer, Priest, Elder, Craftsman, Scout, Canoe, and Child. 

And Bruno has transformed the game into a “race” game. Will you be the first to find The Lost Temple?