Massive Darkness Heroes & Monster Set – Bloodmoon Assassins vs The Hellephant

Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster Set – Bloodmoon Assassins vs The Hellephant

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Designer(s) Nicolas Raoult, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Raphaël Guiton
Publisher(s) Guillotine Games, Cool Mini Or Not
Players 1-6
Suggested Age 0+
Hellephants are ravenous beings with profound ties to sacrificial magic, thirsting for violence as much as they do the bloody feast it provides. Hearing rumors of the Darkness's return drew them to the north, where they throw themselves itno murderous campaigns to fulfill both their bellies and the Darkness's insidious goals.

This Heroes & Monster set contains a Roaming Monster, three Heroes, an Artifact, and a new Hero Class. The Hellephant is a a Melee and Magic monster negating the magical effects of Heroes' weapons. The Bloodmoon Assassin Class focuses on deadly Melee attacks, taking full advantage of the shadows to kill its targets with a single blow. All three Hero miniatures may be used as additional or alternative characters for your game.