Massive Darkness Heroes & Monster Set – Sorcerers vs Lord Tusk

Massive Darkness: Heroes & Monster Set – Sorcerers vs Lord Tusk

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Designer(s) Nicolas Raoult, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Raphaël Guiton
Publisher(s) Guillotine Games, Cool Mini Or Not
Players 1-6
Suggested Age 0+
Lord Searguts Tusk is among the world's most infamous ogres. Gleeful to heedlessly wade into combat alongside his brothers and sisters to make pulp of his foes, he hides his true endgame within his frenzied cunning. Once victory is theirs, the Darkness will need capable and loyal rules for the world!

This Heroes & Monster Set contains a Roaming Monster, three Heroes, an Artifact, and a new Hero Class. Lord Tusk is a juggernaut of a monster, with huge blades that can strike several foes with amazing reach. The Sorcerer Class is Magic attack specialist, standing in the darkness to blast their enemies. All three Hero miniatures may be used as additional or alternative characters for your game.