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Munchkin Quest

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Designer(s) Error, Steve Jackson (I)
Publisher(s) Error, Steve Jackson Games
Players 2-4, Best With 4
Play Time Long - 2-3 Hours
Suggested Age 12+
Over 600,000 Munchkincard game products are in print, with sales going up every year. Now, Munchkin comes to the Euro-styled boardgame. Kill the monster, grab the treasure, stab your buddy. That's what it's all about. Now Munchkin Quest brings the action to the gameboard! Cooperate with the whole group, adventure with a partner, or strike out on your own. You don't know whats behind a door until you open it . . . then another room is added to the dungeon. Battle monsters for power and treasure, or send them after your friends. Reach Level 10, and then get out alive if you can! Designed by Steve Jackson, and illustrated by John Kovalic, this boardgame doesn't take itself seriously. Except for the loot munchkins are always serious about that! Coming this year to game rooms everywhere . . .