Nacht der Magier

Nacht der Magier

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Designer(s) Jens-Peter Schliemann, Kirsten Becker
Players 2-4, Best With 4
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 5+

The basic premise is simple: the board, resting on a platform, is full of wooden discs and trees and other bits. There's a ring of light in the middle, covered by a cardboard disc and a blazing fire. Cauldrons circle that disc. The goal is to get one's own cauldron to the ring of light by pushing the bits on the board.

You start pushing from the side of the board and push in one continuous movement until you hear a clack; something has fallen off the board. Your turn ends there. Next player is up, and this continues until someone's cauldron is in the ring of light.

The gimmick: the game is played in pitch black. When played in the dark, the fire, cauldrons, wizards (used to push the pieces) and the ring of light all glow, while the trees and discs turn invisible. The game can also be played in the light of the day, but it loses a lot of its charm.