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Of Dreams & Shadows The Monster Within

Of Dreams & Shadows: The Monster Within

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Designer(s) Gordon Alford
Publisher(s) Greenbrier Games
Players 2-6
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 14+
Of Dreams & Shadows, is a cooperative board game for up to six players who take on the role of Champions trying to save their realm. As they direct the actions of their Champions on the game board, players participate in a collaborative story. Now with the expansion, The Monster Within, you can continue the story into branching paths! Players who completed certain scenarios in the core game will begin the expansion with scenario cards that reflect the choices they made. There are added game play rules for initiating scenarios, linking a completed a world scenario with a quest scenario, and playing alternate characters in any scenario. In addition, the resource deck is now customizable, and will scale with the number of players in the game.