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Pit Components


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Designer(s) George S. Parker, Harry Gavitt, Edgar Cayce
Publisher(s) Winning Moves Games (USA), Parker Brothers, Hasbro, Waddingtons Games, John Waddington Ltd., Copp Clark Publishing Company, Crown & Andrews Ltd., Top Cards, Spear's Games, Russimco Games, (Self-Published), Holdson, Gavitt Publishing and Printing, Fundex, Out of the Box Publishing
Players 3-8, Best With 8
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 7+
Looking for a sure winner in the hot commodities market? Pit, the fast-paced card game, has been a bullish performer since its introduction way back in 1904. With all the ups and downs, desperate deals, and nonstop action of an actual trading floor, this lively game offers great fun without risking the family fortune. The rules are simple: Deal the cards, scream and trade like crazy, be the first to corner a specific market (nine cards of the same suit), and ring the closing bell. Sounds pretty realistic, doesn't it? Once you've got the basic game mastered, try throwing Bull and Bear cards into the mix--that's when things get really interesting! Pit comes neatly boxed with a set of 74 premium quality cards, a corner board and instructions. There are rules included for a silent bidding version of the game, but jumping up and down, waving wildly, and shouting yourself hoarse is half the fun! Includes 74 premium quality cards, a corner board and rules. For 3 to 8 players.