Pizza Box Football

Pizza Box Football

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Designer(s) Scott Smith (I), Erik Smith
Publisher(s) On The Line Game Company
Players 1-2, Best With 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+

Pizza Box Football is shaped like a pizza box... and it opens up into a head-to-head football strategy game designed to offer all the intensity of real football in every play. Players unfold the game board (the field) and lay it inside the unfolded pizza box. The cards guide the players as they play and show the players which dice to roll.

Players must apply football strategy in order to win (when to run, when to short pass, when to long pass and when to try to fool the other team). Also available are additional plays from the expansion (sold separately) that extend the offensive strategy to include draws, screen passes and play-action passes and add run blitzes, route jumps and QB blitzes for the defense. These plays work with the existing PBF game. (The full expansion features 32 teams with different strengths on offense and on defense.)

Pizza Box Football lets players feel like a coach, a player and a fan all at once. Its robust, statistically accurate play satisfies even the most demanding football fanatic while remaining accessible enough for the younger or casual fan. Four game options let opponents play for 5 minutes or an hour, they decide.