Quest Awakening of Melior

Quest: Awakening of Melior

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Designer(s) Andrew Wilson (II)
Publisher(s) Silent7Seven Games
Players 1
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

Choose your Character, and endure the Event deck as you face the Encounters of Glowmount, Meltwood, and the Shadow Caves and overcome them with your skills of Combat, Survival, and Intellect. Find a Quest, complete it, and win the game!

Each turn, draw an Event card that will modify the current Encounter or the game going forward, and then enter an Encounter card to face it. Roll five six-sided dice, lock the results into beneficial combos and enemy combos, and then reroll unlocked dice as much as you like—risking the enemy combos the whole time.

Quest: Awakening of Melior is a single-player expandable card game in which you play as one of a few characters who has been changed by the strange, new magic of Melior. For as long as anyone remembers, Melior has been a mundane, magicless medieval world, but crystals have been falling from the sky, and a year ago, a pale moon appeared, alighting the crystals and the world with rippling magical energy.

Face encounters in the Meltwood Forest—once a normal patch of woods now reshaped by a melting rain that fused animals, plants, people, and everything it dripped on—Glowmount—a massive crystal that fell from the sky and was carved into a castle by dwarves and then taken over by humans, now glowing with the new magic and twisting its denizens into crazy, crystalline beings—and the Shadow Caves—a sinewy series of passages shaped by memory and imagination, dark with the fears of the world but strangely accommodating and cathartic.