Revolver 2 Last Stand at Malpaso

Revolver 2: Last Stand at Malpaso

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Designer(s) Error, Mark Chaplin, Leigh Caple
Publisher(s) Error, White Goblin Games, Stronghold Games
Players 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+
In 1894, farmers from the small village of Malpaso face the prospect of again losing their livelihood to a band of roving thieves, led by the self-styled General Mapache himself wanted by the Mexican National Defense Army. Their solution is to go to the much admired, but fallen from grace, 'Padre' Esteban and see if he can hire gunfighters to protect them. Revolver 2: Last Stand at Malpaso is a two-player card game set in the Old West, in which one player takes the role of General Mapache and his band of thieving outlaws, and the other player is controlling the villagers and guardians hired to protect the town of Malpaso, led by the infamous Padre Esteban.