Rise of the Luftwaffe

Rise of the Luftwaffe

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Designer(s) Dan Verssen, Rodger B. MacGowan, Gene Billingsley
Publisher(s) GMT Games
Players 2-8, Best With 2
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+

August 15, 1940 ... 21,000 feet over the English coast ...

The dazzling glint of reflected sunlight reveals four enemy Spitfires in tight formation several thousand feet below. A veteran of scores of aerial dogfights and a decorated fighter ace, you bank your Bf-109E, then push the control stick forward to begin the attack. Coming out of the sun, you and your wingman, Captain Hegenauer, blaze away at the two unsuspecting Spitfires in the rear of the formation.

Suddenly, under sustained cannon fire, the starboard Spitfire explodes! Flying metal, smoke and debris momentarily obscure your view. Lining up a second burst at your target, already riddled from your first attack but maneuvering desperately to escape your guns, you fire both machineguns from dead astern. Smoke pours from the enemy aircraft as his engine seizes and dies. Pulling up quickly to avoid the wreckage, you flash by and search the sky for that other pair of Spitfires. Spying them, you bank hard left to begin the chase. Out the side of your enclosed cockpit, you see a parachute blossom. Though he'll live to fight again, your fortieth kill is Down In Flames!

The Down In Flames game series allows players to experience the tension and thrill of fast-action aerial combat over Europe during World War II. Each game in the series provides players with the major fighter and bomber aircraft flown by each side during particular time periods in various theaters of the war. In this first game, The Rise Of The Luftwaffe, players take on the personages of the early European fighter aces, flying Bf-109s with Molders and Galland, JU-87 Stukas with Rudel, Spitfires and Hurricanes with Douglas Bader or the American "Eagle" squadron, and even French Moranes with L'Armee de l'Air or PF-11cs with the brave but outnumbered Poles. The game extends as late as 1942, allowing players to fly and fight German Fw-190s, Russian MiGs and Yaks, and even American P-38s and B-25s.

Each game in the series includes the Campaigns, wherein you are allowed to re-fight over a period of days or weeks the key air campaigns of the era. In The Rise Of The Luftwaffe, you get campaigns for Poland, France, The Battle of Britain, Crete, North Africa, and the opening stages of Operation Barbarossa in Russia.

Whether you like fast-paced card games with lots of action or more traditional wargames that let you explore the possibilities of recreating history, The Rise Of The Luftwaffe has something for you! With colorful cards representing the most significant aircraft and pilots of the day, and a virtually endless number of scenarios and engagements to explore, this game will provide fun and excitement for years to come.

Are you up to the challenge? Can you, as Molders, Galland, or a pilot of your creation, lead the German Luftwaffe to aerial dominance over Europe? Or, like Bader and his mates, can you stop the Luftwaffe in your decisive hour? Give it a try and see whether you have what it takes to send your enemies Down In Flames!