San Marco
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San Marco

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Designer(s) Error, Aaron Weissblum, Alan R. Moon
Players 3-4, Best With 3
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 10+
Do you have it in you to make it onto the High Council? Each player takes all of the aristocrats and prestige stones of one color. Place your aristocrats in front of you, put one marking stone on the scoring path, and the other in the top right hand corner of the game board. Begin the game by rolling the die four times and placing your aristocrats in each of the corresponding districts. For example, if one of your four rolls is a 6, you would place two of your aristocrats in the district of Castello. In each round, you will either be a distributor or a decision-maker. The distributor draws five action cards and three limit cards and divides them in any way he chooses. His goal is to make one pile as appealing as he can to the decision-maker without making the pile detrimental to himself. Once the distributor has made two piles of cards, they are placed up, and the decision maker gets to decide which pile he will take. He them performs the actions indicated on the cards he chose (placing aristocrats, putting up a bridge, transferring aristocrats, calling for a vote, or banishing other players.) Then the distributor takes the remaining pile of cards and performs the actions indicated on his cards. Each round continues in the same manner with roles changing between distributor and decision maker. At the end of three rounds, the player with the most points, earned when votes are called, is the winner and has earned election to the High Council.