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Scotland Yard

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Designer(s) Error, Werner Schlegel, Werner Scheerer, Fritz Ifland, Wolf Hoermann, Dorothy Garrels, Manfred Burggraf
Publisher(s) Error, Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH, Otto Maier Verlag, Milton Bradley, Funskool Games
Players 3-6, Best With 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

London's famous police detectives are put to the test with this family-friendly board game. One player assumes the role of the mysterious fugitive Mister X®, who is on the run in London, using the city's vast transportation network to elude the detectives in hot pursuit. The goal of the game is for Mister X® to stay hidden until the very end, while the rest of the players, acting as detectives, work in concert to catch him.

Taxis, Buses and Trains 
A game for would-be sleuths who love a good adventure, Scotland Yard has players assuming the role of Scotland Yard's famous detectives, who are pursuing the mysterious fugitive Mister X®, on the run in London. The detectives work cooperatively to catch Mister X®, utilizing London's network of taxis, buses and underground trains. The player in the role of Mister X® spends the game evading capture, occasionally making appearances and leaving behind his discarded transit tickets as clues to his whereabouts.


A Cooperative Strategy Game 
Detective players have 22 moves in which to capture Mister X®, who is invisible throughout the game except for the few times he reveals his location. This family game is big on teamwork and promotes cooperation, strategic thinking and communication skills. Scotland Yard also reinforces goal-setting and enhances turn-taking, memory skills and persistance. The setting of the game provides an educational introduction to London and its key transportation modes and familiarizes players with the famed Scotland Yard detectives.


Hunting Mister X® 
A family game that engages children and adults alike, Scotland Yard provides an opportunity for multiple generations to interact with one another and work together in a socially-positive environment that provides conversation starters to further engage players. This is a tactical game that connects players in a unique way and changes dramatically, depending on the role you play.