Sentinels of the Multiverse The Eternal Haka Promo Card

Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Eternal Haka Promo Card

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In a future well over a thousand years from now, the world is covered in monsters and vile beasts of myth and legend. However, even the monsters know not to disturb the dwelling of the large human who has outlived all the others. He keeps to himself, mostly reading and meditating, remembering fallen friends and better times. All times, really - Aata Wakarewarewa has taken up the mantle of guardian of all history, and he keeps it safe, in his home, in his head, and in his heart.

Every so often, a monster will get hungry enough to attempt to storm the ancient warden's abode, but even when this attracts dozens of other monsters, the outcome is always the same. The Hakas of old ring out strong and the giant man crushes those who threaten the stories of his friends throughout time.

Another being has entered this time, however. Another human. The monsters made quite the ruckus attempting to get to him. Aata fears for this new-comer, but also worries that leaving his home for long will result in the loss of the stories he holds dearest. Still, with the opening of these temporal rifts, there might be a chance for Aata to once again don the mantle of Haka and create better stories for some of his less fortunate allies.