Shadowrun Crossfire

Shadowrun: Crossfire

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Designer(s) Error, Rob Watkins, Jay Schneider, Sean McCarthy, Gregory Marques, Jim Lin, Rob Heinsoo, Mike Elliott
Publisher(s) Error, Catalyst Game Labs
Players 1-4, Best With 4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 13+
The shadows of the Sixth World have every kind of danger you can imagine. Ultra-violent gang­ers, flesh-eating ghouls, mages that summon spirits from toxic waste, backstabbing corporate raiders, hard-nosed police officers, even dragons. You don't have much--mainly your guts, your wits and your friends. But maybe that's enough. Between you and your teammates, you can sling spells, hack the Matrix, talk a tiger out of his stripes, and bring down a charging ork from a hun­dred yards away. Will that be enough to face down the worst the mean streets can throw at you? Shadowrun: Crossfire is a deck-building game in one of the most popular game settings of all time. Crossing cyberpunk with fantasy and plunging players into a world dominated by ruthless megacorps, Crossfire gives players a chance to dive into the shadows to see if they can survive.