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Star Borders: Humanity

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Designer(s) Lance McMillan
Publisher(s) Victory Point Games
Players 2
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
Two great human empires, The Imperium and The Alliance have vied for several generations over the vast reaches of space. Everything you can imagine in a great space opera exists among the core worlds of these two mighty civilizations heading inexorably toward conflict - but this game does not tell that story...

Instead, in Star Borders: Humanity, the players are opposing viceroys who have been sent to the armpit of space, far from the local power and glory of their home worlds - their political connections with their respective governments are tenuous, but the chance to better their lot is real. Your challenge is having few friends or allies back in "civilized space," and plenty of enemies close at hand. In this forgotten quadrant of the galaxy, can you combine your minimal resources and support with the ruthlessness and cunning required to succeed? Balanced on the razor's edge of destiny, will your bold strategies see you rise to the call of triumph and glory? Or will your opponent outmatch you and send your name back home in disgrace and defeat? The lines are clearly drawn in Star Borders!