Star Trek Fleet Captains – Romulan Empire
Star Trek Fleet Captains – Romulan Empire Minis

Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Romulan Empire

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Designer(s) Ethan Pasternack, Mike Elliott
Publisher(s) WizKids Games
Players 2-6, Best With 3
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 14+
This is an expansion to the Star Trek Fleet Captains Base game•Adds depth and complexity. Adds a Romulan theme to the game. WizKids Games proudly announces the first expansion set to their epic Star Trek-themed space exploration and starship combat game- Star Trek: Fleet Captains- with Star Trek: Fleet Captains Romulan Empire! The Romulan Empire expansion set features 12 new Romulan ships molded in color and 10 new Romulan Command Decks. A new game mechanic- Espionage- adds new Missions for your fleet and the new Saboteur crew members allows you to deploy secret agents onto your opponents ships! An updated rulebook includes rules to allow for 3-player games. Star Trek: Fleet Captains was voted as the #1 game of 2011 by both hosts of the Dice Tower and has been called "The best Trek game ever made".