Steampunk Rally Dr. Braun

Steampunk Rally: Dr. Braun

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Designer(s) Orin Bishop
Publisher(s) Roxley Games
Players 2-8
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 13+

Dr. Braun is a promotional character for Steampunk Rally, offered initially as a print-and-play option; however, it is available for purchase, and might be included in an expansion later.

Rather than having the standard two cards, a cockpit and a machine, Dr. Braun has a single 2×1 card depicting the car from Back to the Future. It can be activated by a fire and electric die and provides a multiple activation's which gives 1 smooth motion for each 4 pips placed, with a maximum of 3 movements! There is also an extra bonus for each time a machine part in your machine is activated and generates three smooth or normal motion from a single activation you gain 2 cogs and 1 shield.

The print-and-play PDF also includes the inventor stand (the playing piece for the racecourse) in two sizes: one to match the size of those in the retail/Kickstarter version of the game, and another to match the size of those in the print-and-play version of the game.