Stronghold: Undead

Stronghold: Undead

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Designer(s) Ignacy Trzewiczek
Players 2
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 10+
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The brave defenders of the castle must now stand against the forces of the undead. Glory no longer matters in this game – instead, both opponents fight for time with the game lasting eight rounds. The Necromancer must defeat the men or else his army will vanish once the sun's rays hit his forces. In game terms, from the sixth round on, the invader's power starts to diminish, with the Necromancer needing to pay to keep his forces in fighting form. Defenders die on the castle walls; the Necromancer's power wanes as the battle continues – once dawn comes, who will still be standing or who will be dead?

The Stronghold: Undead expansion includes a new set of buildings for the castle, 24 new spell cards for the invader, new rules to track the fear level and leader board, and more.