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Super Dungeon Explore

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Designer(s) Deke Stella, John Cadice, Chris Birkenhagen
Publisher(s) Soda Pop Miniatures, Ninja Division, Cool Mini Or Not
Players 2-6, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 10+

Your adventure begins!  Super Dungeon Explore is a fast paced, table-top strategy game for 2 or more players.  Take the role of an intrepid band of heroes setting out for treasure and to rid the dungeon of its evil master.   Or, set your defenses and throw your witless hordes into battle against the heroes and decorate your dark home with their well gnawed, albeit cute, bones.

Super Dungeon Explore is filled to the top with stunning miniatures, colorful cards and game boards to get you started on your path to victory.  Your collection begins here, with more heroes and monsters on their way to fill your dungeons and battle to victory!