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To set up Findevier, lay out the ten double-sided animal discs in a circle. Shuffle the deck of cards, place them in the circle, then reveal the top card, thereby showing the animal that players will search for in the first round. Place 1-4 tokens in the circle to account for the animals of this type that aren't visible. (Two cards show woodland elves instead of an animal, and the plaeyr who draws this card chooses which animal players will search for.)

On a turn, a player flips over one of the discs to reveal the animal shown on the other side. If the player reveals the target animal, she earns one token from the circle; if the player reveals the fourth animal of this type, the player takes the final token, along with the animal card. Once all four animals of the desired type are visible, reveal the next card. Once all twelve cards have been used, the game ends and the player with the most points wins. Each token and animal card is worth one point, while the two elf cards are worth two points each.