The Goonies Adventure Card Game

The Goonies: Adventure Card Game

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Designer(s) Matt Riddle, Ben Pinchback
Publisher(s) Albino Dragon
Players 1-4, Best With 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 14+
In the goonies: Adventure card game, you play as a ragtag outpour of kids from the goon docks neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon. You must join together on a quest to find the treasure of legendary pirate one-eyed willy so that you can save your homes from demolition you will need to keep your wits about you and use your unique skills to avoid one-eyed willy's booby traps and also stay one step ahead of the frat Ellis, a family of criminals intent on claiming the treasure for themselves. As players, you will each represent a member of the goonies and you must all work together as a team. Unlike in most games, in the goonies: Adventure card game, players do not take individual turns. You will collectively pool your cards to take team actions, working each turn to clear obstacles, move between locations, evade the frat Ellis and map a path to the ship of one-eyed willy. To win, you must discover the gem at each of the five locations and successfully store them along the paths you've previously mapped. Each turn, more obstacles will appear - maybe even the frat Ellis you will lose if there are ever five obstacles present at any one location or if there are five total frat Elli cards in play or if you exhaust the encounter deck.