The Nacho Incident
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The Nacho Incident

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Designer(s) Jim Doherty
Publisher(s) Error, Eight Foot Llama
Players 2-4, Best With 4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
In The Nacho Incident, 2-4 players try to earn the most money they can by smuggling Mexican Food into Canada. Like all our games, it comes with everything you need to play -- 110 full-color cards, a bag full of colored cubes, and great artwork by Scott Starkey. Background You're three miles into Alberta... a sack of warm, spicy burritos your only companion. To be caught north of the border with salsa would be the end of you. Wait -- what's that noise??? As Canadians have long suspected, Mounties have been arresting anyone caught with quality Mexican food since the 1970s. But where some see great risk, you see great reward! You'll have to choose the best smuggler, food and destination for the missions. Once over the border, your agents will open lucrative cantinas to provide funds for future operations... Game Overview There are 4 provinces in play in the game -- Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. The residents of each province are looking for specific ingredients that the players can deliver for profit from their warehouses. Each turn, every player chooses a smuggler from their hand, and everyone reveals their choice. Whoever chooses the fastest smuggler acts first, and can bring food to parts of Canada for money. The first player also gets a bonus, and a penalty: he or she can smuggle a cube from any player's warehouse, but also gets the attention of the Mountie on patrol for the turn. After everyone has acted, the smugglers open up cantinas in the province they traveled to -- but if a player has received Mountie cards from acting first, those cantinas can get shut down. During the game, players will get bonus points for having the best cantina in a province. After 12 turns, the player with the most money wins!