The Others 7 Sins – Gluttony Expansion

The Others: 7 Sins – Gluttony Expansion

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Designer(s) Error, Eric M. Lang
Publisher(s) Error, Guillotine Games, Cool Mini Or Not
Players 2-5
Suggested Age 14+
And as I stood from my plate and wished no more sustenance, the people did raise theirs for more. And they didst eat, and they didst drink, and they took all their king didst offer, never seeing the graves they dug with their own teeth. And at the end, when the city groaned beneath its own weight, and burst with people bloated beyond caring, only then 'twas the horror amongst them revealed.

The Gluttony expansion adds a whole new Sin for players to use in their game of The Others, bringing new challenges to the Hero players, and new strategies for the Sins players. Gluttony comes with its own set of Monsters, including a Controller, 6 Abominations, and a terrifying Avatar of Sin! Through its Sin Power and Sin Cards, Gluttony introduces a completely different dynamic to the game, with the Forces of Sin feeding off of everything that makes the Heroes stronger.