The Others 7 Sins – Lust Expansion

The Others: 7 Sins – Lust Expansion

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Designer(s) Eric M. Lang
Publisher(s) Guillotine Games, Cool Mini Or Not
Players 2-5
Suggested Age 14+
And I say unto thee, thy minds art easily led astray. Thy burning lust leads thee into unholy temptation. There is naught there but deception, trickery, and death. The righteous need fear no nightly horror. The chaste need fear no unearthly desires. This is thy doom. For if compunction 'twere thy warning rather than delight, thee wouldst not fear. Alas, thou art but minions of lust.

The Lust expansion adds a whole new Sin for players to use in their game of The Others, bringing new challenges to the Hero players, and new strategies for the Sins player. Lust comes with its own set of Monsters, including a Controller, 6 Abominations, and a terrifying Avatar of Sin! Through its Sin Power and Sin Cards, Lust introduces a completely different dynamic to the game, forcing Heroes to stay away from each other, lest they fall prey to the corruption of their basic instincts!