The Pillars of the Earth
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The Pillars of the Earth

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Designer(s) Error, Stefan Stadler, Michael Rieneck
Publisher(s) Error, KOSMOS, Mayfair Games
Players 2-4, Best With 4
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 12+
England at the beginning of the 12th century and Prior Phillip of Kingsbridge has a glorious vision to build the largest, most beautiful cathedral in England. To accomplish the task, Phillip recruits the most renowned builders in the country. However, the fate of the Cathedral is constantly threatened by all manner of catastrophes and oppositions. The Pillars of the Earth is based on Ken Follett's best-selling novel. Players join together to help build Kingsbridge Cathedral. Using your workmen and resources, you must wisely deploy assets to overcome unexpected difficulties and shortages to prove yourself the greatest builder of them all. Will your efforts be recognized when the Great Cathedral at Kingsbridge is complete?