This War of Mine Tales from the Ruined City

This War of Mine: Tales from the Ruined City

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Designer(s) Jakub Wi?niewski, Micha? Oracz, Marek Mydel
Publisher(s) Galakta
Players 1-6, Best With 1
Play Time Medium - 1-2 Hours
Suggested Age 18+
With each passing day, the besieged city of Pogoren becomes less and less habitable. Its citizens must find new ways to survive. Some of them explore the extensive network of sewers, while others go to the market hoping that visitors from the countryside will bring food and much needed supplies.

Our group faces a time of great trial. If we want to see the end of this horrendous war, we must stick together. It will take all of our resolve to survive with our humanity intact.

Deepen your experience, learn new stories, and face tough moral choices with Tales from the Ruined City. It introduces a whole range of game modules to enrich your base game. Emira is the 13th Character complete with a personal background; the Desperate Measures cards empower you whenever you lose anyone from your group; the Farmers module features the Market where your choices affect the way people perceive you; the Sewers are full of unknown danger and thrilling narrative.

Win one of five truly moving Scenarios - each with unique rules and components - to gain the right to open a reward envelope with special legacy content that will alter your copy of This War of Mine.