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Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition
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Ultimate Werewolf: Deluxe Edition

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Designer(s) Ted Alspach
Publisher(s) Bézier Games, Inc.
Players 5-75, Best With 16
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 8+

The most engaging party game you'll ever play - for up to 75 players

In Ultimate Werewolf, you and any number of other players (as few as 7 and as many as 75) attempt to figure out who is a werewolf over the course of several game days and nights. Each day you'll choose a player (hopefully a werewolf) to eliminate.

Each night. ..the werewolves will eliminate a villager. Fortunately for you, some of the villagers have special powers, like the Seer, who learns the true identity of a player each night. The game continues until only villagers. ..or werewolves. ..remain.