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Unusual Suspects

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Designer(s) Error, Paolo Mori
Publisher(s) Error, Cool Mini Or Not, Cranio Creations
Players 3-18, Best With 4
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 13+

A terrible crime has been committed, and the only witness has a serious case of face blindness. They can remember aspects of the culprit’s behavior and personality, but nothing about their appearance. Now, a team of detectives must work together to interpret the witness’ responses to questions they ask… and hopefully find the guilty party!

In Unusual Suspects, one player takes on the role of the Witness, while everyone else is a Detective. The Witness receives a card letting them know which character in the suspect line up is the guilty party. Round after round, the team of Detectives will ask questions and eliminate suspects based on the Witness’ answers. If they are able to find the criminal, everyone wins the game and can rejoice that the city is a little bit safer. However, one wrong move and the perp will be back on the streets, ready to commit another crime.

Unusual Suspects is a hilarious party game of perception and first impressions for up to 16 players. The Detectives and Witness work towards a common goal, winning or losing as a team. Closing the case will depend on how well you can read your friends.