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Valor & Victory

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Designer(s) Barry W. Doyle
Publisher(s) Print & Play Productions, (Web published)
Players 2
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+

Valor & Victory is a game of WWII Squad-Level Combat

Through the shattered ruins of a quaint European village, to the scorched sands of North Africa, and on the deadly beaches of a mist-shrouded Pacific island, Valor & Victory puts you in command of the troops and machines that fought across the battlefields of World War II.

Valor & Victory is a fast playing, easy to learn World War II squad-level game system. V&V gets you into the action quickly, without requiring you to learn a lot of minutiae and unnecessary detail. But don't let that fool you — Valor & Victory is a complete WWII wargaming system, covering infantry and armored combat, artillery and air strikes, snipers, close assaults, armored overruns, fortifications, and much more!

Valor & Victory may be easy to learn, but it's challenging and fun. So whether you're looking for an evening of serious wargaming action, or simply a quick battle at lunch, Valor & Victory delivers!