Vietnam Solitaire Special Edition

Vietnam Solitaire Special Edition

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Designer(s) Steve Kling, David Kershaw, Chris Hansen (II)
Publisher(s) White Dog Games
Players 1-2, Best With 1
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 12+

Vietnam Solitaire Special Edition is an expanded edition of the original Vietnam Solitaire that contains both the original game (with all new artwork) and a reimplementation by Steve Kling with expanded rules, new scenarios, and new counters. While primarily a solitaire game, the special edition also contains optional two player rules.

In the Special Edition, the player controls US and South Vietnamese forces and must battle the Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army to control as many regions of Vietnam as possible. The game is played by deploying US and South Vietnamese forces, napalm, and air units on a map of Vietnam. The AI (or an optional second player) controls the North Vietnamese forces through movement and attack rules.

Victory is determined by controlling at least three regions of Vietnam for a majority of the game. Unlike in the original game, the eventual victory of the North Vietnamese is not a foregone conclusion.

The Special Edition contains new types of units, a greater variety of of combat points, and two new scenarios - "Tet 1968" and "Fall of South Vietnam".