Virgin Seas

Virgin Seas

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Designer(s) Jason Glover
Publisher(s) Grey Gnome Games
Players 2-4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 8+

Virgin Seas is an area control game in which players take turns placing cards to form the board. This set is for 2 players, but you can add the (Green vs Yellow Expansion - Coming Soon!) set to play either a 3 or 4 player game! Virgin Seas is super fast to play! A full game can be had in as few as 10 minutes!

Most of the cards are different types of ships that are able to attack other ships. Some of the cards are island cards and these cards garner the player a lot of victory points if they can control the seas around these islands. Lastly, there are special cards like Pirates and Fortresses that allow you to perform special actions.

Every time you place a card you to also place a token of your color on that card and on any cards you capture! Scoring is done by simply adding up the victory points indicated on the cards that you occupy. You add to that any island that you control for your total score. The highest score wins!

Each player has their own separate, yet identical, decks. This allows for a nice mix of tactics and strategy!

So get ready to make your claim of the sea in this fast and easy to learn game.