Wings of War The Dawn of World War II

Wings of War: The Dawn of World War II

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World War II was a new age of aviation and a new age of warfare and now, Wings of War goes to the beginning of this new epoch. This is the Dawn of War. Wings of War expands to include the flying machines and battles of World War II with Wings of War: Dawn of War! The WWII series of Wings of War is an easy, fun to play, fast and furious system which fans of Famous Aces and the rest of the Wings of War games will be able to start playing minutes after opening the box! Dawn of War includes fighter planes from the first years (1939-1941) of the war pilot a Spitfire, a Messerschmitt, a Hurricane. Outfight, outthink, and outfly your opponents with the innovative and viscerally satisfying Wings of War maneuver system. Up to 6 planes can fly with the contents of this set.